5 Great Android Tips You Would Love – Best news Full report

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If you are an android phone user and looking for some useful tips, to get more from it, then you are at the right place. You will find here some amazing and next level tips for your android phone.

(1) Smart Lock 

This is an amazing feature for android phone users. Through this feature, you can setup unlock on your Smartphone which unlocked your mobile automatically at your trusted-places with the help of signal location. Once you activated this feature, you won’t need to remove your PIN or Password and Pattern at your selected places like Home or Workplace. When to keep your smart unlock, it is totally on up to you. 

(i) Open device Setting 

(ii) Just click on Security & Location 

(iii) Tap on Smart Lock 

(iv) Tap on Trusted-Place to add you specific place where you want to unlock your phone automatically. 

(2) Find your Smartphone after being lost. 

Don’t miss this amazing tip if you want to protect your phone. 

“Prey” is an app that monitors your phone’s location through Wifi and GPS. It monitors the all changes being held in your Sim Card and can access the front Camera of your phone. In case you have lost your phone, this app can ring Alarm on your phone to find it and if your mobile phone is stolen and someone try to replace your sim card then this app will also capture the Pic of the perpetrator. 

(3) Find out the Title of the song through Google Prompt 

Open Google Search bar, tap the microphone icon and ask “which song is playing?” or “what is this song? “. This will show you the title of the song, name of artist and give some detail about the album. 

(4) Get smart phone’s notifications on your the computer 

Pushbullet (free) is an extremely useful app that let the user see his text and call notifications on the computer. It is also can be used to send files from mobile phone to computer. 

(5) Turn off the App notification that you don’t really want to see 

This is a simple tip to turn off the notifications of a specific app that you don’t want to see on your home screen. 

(1) Go to Setting > App info > uncheck Show notification 


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