Alcatel's First Windows 2-in-1 Takes Aim at the Surface 3 – Best review and report

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Barcelona , Spain – Last year, Alcatel put its mark on the mid-range smartphone game and now the company is taking its talents to hybrids with its first ever Windows 2-in-1. At MWC 2016 in Barcelona, I got a chance to check out the this pumped up budget 2-in-1 , and came away pretty impressed.

plus 10 separated 675403

3-in-1 is actually a more accurate term because this detachable 10-inch tablet has 3 main modes: tablet, laptop and presentation. That’s thanks to the Plus 10’s non-adjustable magnetic keyboard (which comes included) for when you want to switch the tablet into laptops or presentation mode. So while you don’t get the same level of flexibility that you get on a hybrid like a Surface 3 or HP Spectre x2, the Plus makes up for it with better lapability. 

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plus 10 tablet 675403

The Plus 10’s specs are similar to what you get on Microsoft’s non-pro Surface 3: a 1920 x 1080 touchscreen, quad-core Intel Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. But Alcatel is asking for about $200 less for its hybrid. The Plus 10’s keyboard also has a built-in battery, which, when connected to the tablet, offers a total capacity of 8,410 mAh. There’s even an option with LTE connectivity for people who need to stay connected at all times. 

plus 10 lead 675403

For the US dollar equivalent of about just $275 (249 Euros), the Plus 10’s price tag belies it build. Aside from a little bit of plasticky flex, the Plus 10 feels really solid. While there’s no back lighting on the keyboard, the Plus 10’s keys have a surprisingly good feel which should make it a good option for students looking for a cheap, portable machine they can stash quickly in a bag. 

plus 10 keyboard 675403

Aside from its price, the one big difference between the Plus 10 and the Surface 3 is the former’s lack of stylus support, so those looking to capture hand down notes or sketches are out of luck. 

plus 10 side view 675403

Official US pricing hasn’t been announced yet,  but the Plus 10 is expected to arrive some time in late spring or early summer in three colors (black, white and silver).

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