All About Li-Ion Battery

Li-Ion Battery (Lithium-ion) :- Many people asking about what is Li-Ion Battery in smartphone. Why is lion battery is used in smartphone. Today i am going to share with you the information about li-ion battery and its advantage over other battery. Lets going to history first for early years when the battery comes into existence there are nickel-cadmium battery is made for many wireless and mobile computing devices. During 1990’s there li-ion (Lithium-ion) battery was introduce and competition between nickel-cadmium and li-ion battery begins. After several years of competition li-ion battery was widely accepted by smartphone due to various advantage over nickel-cadmium battery. So lets discuss about the advantage of the Lithium-ion battery.

li-ion battery

  1. Its is lighter in weight and size.
  2. Low maintenance of battery
  3. Low self discharge then nickel-cadmium battery
  4. It is also benefited to reduce toxic waste (less than nickel battery).

It is estimated that the lithium ion battery market will raised to 20 billion by 2020.


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