Amzer Launches Fitzer Ka – An Activity Tracker

Amzer Launches Fitzer Ka – An Activity Tracker

Amzer is formerly known for its wide range of smartphone accessories such as cases, cables, and chargers. Recently, the company launched an activity tracker called Amzer Fitzer Ka. It isn’t really a smartphone accessory, but you do need an app to track your data. The Fitzer Ka is close to the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price. The Amzer Fitzer Ka is a wrist-worn activity tracker, in the form of a capsule which contains the sensors and hardware, and a band. The good thing is that it ships with three bands – black, blue, and pink – so you can switch between them according to your attire or mood. The capsule is easy to attach to the band, and it didn’t fall out even once in our nine-day testing period. The band is very comfortable. We didn’t feel any need to remove it at any point. The band did come off accidentally once when we were riding in a crowded train, but the fit was otherwise secure. Charging the capsule is easy because it has a Micro-USB port just like most Android phones. You don’t have to worry about carrying a separate charger around.



The Amzer Fitzer Ka capsule has a display and one button. You have to tap this button to scroll through screens which display the time, steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and percentage of goals achieved. Sleep tracking data is shown only in the app, along with a graph tracking your activity history. Pressing and holding the button powers the device on or off, and a hitting it twice in quick succession toggles sleep tracking. All of this is pretty easy to use, and we figured it out without having to consult the user manual. Like the Amzer Fitzer Ka hardware, its app is easy to use.



The Fitzer Ka’s app could use some improvements. Its activity history graph is a little too inflexible. The week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, and you can’t change this. If you fire up the app on Monday, you will only see data for the one previous day in that week. The graph should be dynamic, showing data for the past seven days or so. The same issue applies to the month and year views.


The graph marks points on the Y axis but doesn’t show numerical labels, so you only get a rough idea of the relative number of steps taken on any day. It would be a lot better to have absolute values for the number of steps taken each day. The app lets you set workout goals and reminders too, and we had no issues using those features. Overall, the app does a good job of showing basic activity and sleep data, which is in line with what’s promised when you buy the Amzer Fitzer Ka.



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