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What is Android 9.0 Pie

As we all know Android is one of the most popular operating smartphone systems among smartphone users, The most commonly used operating system are Android and IOS. Both Operating system giving tough competition to each other. Android and IOS both giving fast and timely updates to their users, but yeah the IOS updates rolled out to the Apple devices is quite fast in comparison to Android update. So let’s come to the point, here we are going to discuss the next and most awaited Android updates called Android 9.0 P (Pie). Android updates named by Google in alphabetical order like Android G, K, L, M, N, O and now Android P.


Android 9.0 Pie Official release date

Android “Pie” is the ninth major update from Google and the 16th version of the Android operating system. The update was first announced by Google on 7th May 2018, the first developer preview of the Android 9.0 was launched on the same day, The second Beta preview was launched on the next day at 8th may, The third previews have come into existence on 6th June 2018, the 4rth beta preview was revealed on 2nd July 2018 and the final preview of Android P was launched on 25th July 2018.

The Android “P” also named Android Pie was officially launched by Google on 6th August 2018 through Google Pixel devices and the Essential Phone, These two smartphones got the Android P update first. Google said it will also release the mini version of Android pie called Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) soon.

Android 9.0 Pie New features, Changes, Modifications

Android Pie official announcement took place recently and now everyone is waiting for the update rolled out for their phones. So before updating your phone to the latest Android 9.0 Pie update, you need to know what you will find interesting in this major update. Google’s Android P operating system is the final update after testing the many preview updates from last 6 months. The final preview of the update rolled out first to the pixel phones and the Essential Phone, the Android 9.0 P available to both smartphones. The updates will be rolled out to the additional devices from the end of this year and next year.


The Android 9.0 comes with lots of changes to the previous updates in term of design, easy shortcuts, settings, battery optimization, overall it will increase the efficiency of your devices. by this major update, Google tried to provide the more efficient and easy smartphone experience. The Android Pie started to update to the smartphones, The companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia started to reveal the list of smartphones will get the android P Update first. In upcoming articles, we will inform you about the smartphone lists getting Android 9 update.



Android 9.0 P features

The new Android 9.0 P is the mixture of intelligence, simplicity and digital wellbeing, these are the three main pillar of the update, The Android 9.0 Pie available for Google Pixel phones now and the additional devices will get the update soon. Unlike before the Essential PH-1, the first non-Pixel phone gets the update first. Android 9.0 launched with so many improvements over the Android Oreo. Here we highlighted the main features of Android P :

Adjustable Battery

Google comes with a major upgrade to the features of the Android P update which is the efficient battery life of the smartphone. It Uses machine learning to work out which apps you use and when waking them only when they are likely to be required and in an energy-efficient manner. In short, the Adaptive battery features allow you to prioritize the apps you are going to use next. It improves the efficiency fo the battery of the device.

Adaptive Brightness

Improved adaptive brightness feature allows you to change the screen brightness based on personal preferences. You can manage the brightness level of the device easily for better display experience.

New navigation system

In the Android P update, you will experience the new and simple navigation system which includes A single clean home button, You just need to swipe up to see the all apps again and again, You can see all predicted apps slide by slide. so you would be able to navigate all your apps easily and efficiently.

Android Dashboard

The Android dashboard manage all your mobile activities like how many notifications you received, How much time you spent on a particular app, how many time you checked your phone, So it helps you to save your time by limiting yourself from wasting time on sinking apps.

Enhanced security features

The first security features added in the Android P update “restricts access to mic, camera from apps that means the apps would not be able to access your MIC or camera until you’re actively using it. The second one is Lockdown mode, it will lock your phone automatically in the emergency situation. You need to enable the lockdown mode from security and location section, it will lock your phone instantly disables fingerprint unlocking and Smart Lock, and hides notifications on your lock screen. You’ll have to use your PIN, password, or pattern to unlock it.


Other features of Android 9.0 P

  • New user interface for the quick settings menu
  • The clock has moved to the left of the notification bar
  • Battery saver no longer shows an orange overlay on the notification and status bars.[11]
  • A “Screenshot” button has been added to the power options.[12]
  • Redesigned volume slider, which is now located next to the device’s physical volume button.
  • Battery percentage now shown in Always-On Display.
  • Automatic Bluetooth enabling while driving.
  • A “Shush” feature launches Do Not Disturb mode when the phone is placed face down
  • Rotation Lock button indicates in navigation bar if the device is in locked rotation mode.

For more update regarding Android updates stay tuned with us. As the smartphone companies will roll out the Android P updates for their devices, we will let you know about the procedure of Android P downloading for your phones.

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