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Google Clock v4.4 is one of the simplest app when it comes to things like Alarm, Stopwatch and for World Cock viewing. This app now gets an update which brings in some of the new features like inline volume control, vibrating timers along with some minor visual tweaks. If that was all not enough, then you will also be happy to know that this app has now lost some weight as well as it now comes with less APK size. The APK size is now nearly 15% less when compared to older Google Clock app, from 7.1MB the app size has been reduced to 6.2MB. While this size may not be that much relevant for mid/high end phones, this matters a lot for low end devices which are on around 8GB of internal memory.


Let’s check out the summary of all the new features which Google Clock v4.4 comes with;

Vibrating Timers:
When a stop watch timer is set and when timer sets to 0, the vibration happens in the device which basically notifies about the end of timer. This is probably helpful when you are setting a long timer and would like to get remembered when timer runs out. Also, this is a great option when surroundings are loud. Also, once the timer is done, even if you are in some other app, the floating pop-up pops up to show that timer details.

Inline Volume Control:
An in-line volume slider now helps you to alarm sound. You no longer need to visit the sound settings separately to change the alarm volume as this option in Google Clock is now linked to the system volume of clock. This is one of the best features of the new Clock app as now you don’t have to visit system volume controls to tweak the volume settings.

You can now download the Google Clock v4.4 APK for your android smartphone to install the same manually. Post installing, this app will replace the existing Google Clock app in your device.



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