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Everyone knows about Twitter which is one of the best social media tools to connect with people and interact with them. We used to follow so many peoples on twitter but it is not essential they follow us back or there could be chances first they start to follow and later unfollowed us back. Twitter does not allow to follow more than 2000 non-followers on twitter, So it is must to know about the people who unfollowed you on Twitter so that you can unfollow them.

The app developers developed so many apps which helps you to find people who unfollowed you on Twitter. The reason behind unfollowing could be anything like you are posting too many posts or you are not doing tweet from a long time. So it will help you to improve your twitter profile as well.

Best apps to find who unfollowed you on Twitter
Best apps to find who unfollowed you on Twitter

who unfollowed you on Twitter

Why do you need to unfollow on Twitter?

  • It is relevant to unfollow the people who are not following you because Twitter does not allow to follow more than 2000 followers who are following you. So if you will not unfollow the non-followers you will miss out the opportunity to connect with more peoples.
  • If people used to follow you just to follow them back and later unfollowed you, so it is essential to teach them a lesson that they are not sharp enough to make you fool.
  • To keep your news feed clean and useful you need to unfollow people who used to post useless tweets.
  • Sometimes for privacy reasons, you can unfollow on twitter

Best Twitter Unfollowers Tracking Apps

Here we are going to review some of the best Twitter Unfollowers Tracking Apps which are totally free and easy to use. Simply use these  Twitter Unfollowers Tracking tools and unfollow the peoples who are not following you.

Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter is one of the most popular and useful twitter manage tool, It analysis al your twitter activities. You can easily find the twitter profile that unfollowed you or not following back. Apart from the finding unfollowers, it allows you to manage your complete twitter profiles like post engagement, manage your inbox, provide the relevant Twitter content and suggest you the twitters profiles worth to follow.

ManageFlitter helps you to unfollow the twitter accounts which makes you news feed complicated and noisy. By following these profiles you can make your twitter profile easy and noise free.


CircleBoom is the another highly rated twitter manager tool to track your twitter unfollowers. By using this smart twitter manager tool you can search the profiles that are not following you nad you can easily unfollow them. This tools also make you able to search for new and smart twitter profiles which are useful for your business to follow. Aart from the basic features it also helps you to track the spammers and inactive accounts in your Twitter account.

The CircleBoom is totally free to use, It also manages your whole twitter profile like twitter scheduling and analytics.


CrowdFire also was known as “JustUnfollow”. This is one of another free twitter unfollowers tracking app. This tool used to filter the list of unfollowers on the bases of date, like how old the followers who never follow you back. So it short out the list of unfollower on the bases of multiple factors. Every day you get to unfollow or follow 25 people for free using CrowdFire. To increase the no. of daily limit you need to buy the paid subscription of the tool. This app works on both Android and iOS platform. So download the app and use one of the best Twitter management apps.


Socialbro is an also a good Twitter management tool which performs multiple tasks for you. It used to manage your twitter profile, like how many people visiting your profiles and why people unfollowing you. It gives you proper stats fo your followers and competitors profile. very powerful Twitter tool that is a must keep in your social media toolbox. It handles your Twitter strategy to get the best result.

It provides you the simple and powerful interface to find your unfollowers. It helps you to track the progress and efficiency of competitor Twitter. You just need to log in to socialbro with your twitter account and manage your Twitter activities. There are easy filters to show the list of unfollowers or people not following back.


It is a very easy tool to find the people who unfollowed you. It is really an amazing tool to unfollow the inactive profiles. It also helps you to find the activities of your competitors. This tool is totally free to use.

So these are the top 5 apps you can use to track the twitter accounts who unfollowed you. Apart from this, you can also manage your twitter account by using the above apps. so hurry up and download the apps to make your twitter account more attractive and noise free.

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