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Apple MacBooks are beautiful machines on their own, but the more people buy them, the more your machine will look the same. So why not make it more your own? There is a plethora of decals and skins available for Apple’s flagship notebooks that change the laptop’s color, add some extra protection or simply add a cool character or symbol to your lid.

If you’re looking to express yourself through your MacBook, check out our favorite eye-catching add-ons.

Android MacBook Decal

Who says you can’t play for both sides? This decal has the adorable green Android mascot pop onto the rear of your MacBook to say hello, creating a wonderfully delightful dichotomy. If you’re the type of double-dipper that plugs their Galaxy S6 or Nexus 6 into their MacBook, this is the decal for you.

Tie Fighter Decal

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of the Dark Side. This decal of the Tie Fighter from Star Wars turns the iconic Apple logo into a ship that will drive fear into the hearts of the Rogue Squadron. Designer Sketch Works didn’t specify which Macs it works best with, but Amazon commenters have managed to get it to fit on 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros.

Bat Mandala Decal

Few things are as entrancing as a well-designed mandala symbol, and this Bat Mandala decal will turn your MacBook into a portable piece of art. Designed for any 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook, this sticker turns a bunch of black bats into a mesmerizing pattern that’s sure to turn a few heads at your local coffee shop. Note: the Bat Mandala sticker has nothing to do with Batman, but there are plenty of decals out there that feature the Caped Crusader.

Snow White MacBook Decal

Snow White hasn’t always had the best experiences with apples, but she looks pretty happy to be holding the one on the back of your MacBook. This officially licensed Disney sticker recreates the famous poison apple scene from the Snow White film, with a detailed and colorful depiction of the beloved princess that stays faithful to the source material. Let’s hope this type of Apple sits better with her. 

The Giving Tree Decal

Put your MacBook to work, and it keeps giving and giving. Make sure the world knows how much your laptop does for you with this colorful and sweet lid decal. The Giving Tree fits any MacBook with a 13-inch or larger display, and looks like it came right off the cover of the Shel Silverstein book.

Skinit Pro Football Decals

NFL team decals by Skinit show off your team pride. These decals are officially licensed, so you can find one for your home team. With this covering your 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, you’ll display pride in your team’s colors and your laptop.

Rainbow Keyboard MacBook Decal

If you have a fondness for the rainbow-colored Apple logo of old, this decal set lets you bring that same aesthetic to your MacBook. Built primarily for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, these stickers add vibrant layers of green, yellow, orange, red, purple and blue to your keyboard rows, from top to bottom. 

Mac Shortcuts Keyboard Decal

This cover by Mosiso is practical and unique. With this cover on your 13-inch MacBook Air or any size non-Retina MacBook Pro, you can quickly reference keyboard shortcuts for OS X and become a productivity master. Additional versions feature shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, so you can swap them out and be as efficient as possible in any task.

Mustache Keyboard Stickers

I mustache you a question: Where did you get that adorable keyboard decal? Whether you’re a frequent Lyft user (it comes in pink!) or just appreciate facial hair, these stickers will put a fun, unique design on your keyboard. These stickers are designed to fit the 13-inch MacBook Air and any MacBook Pro, both with and without Retina displays.

Hot Sea Weave Keyboard Decal

Fine art doesn’t have to be limited to the back of your MacBook. This Hot Sea decal set puts a soothing illustration of the ocean over your keyboard, making it easy to look down and gain some serenity in the middle of a long workday. This artsy sticker package is built for 13-inch Macs, and comes waterproof and oil-proof for extra protection. 

American Flag Keyboard Cover

If you need a little extra patriotism in your life, look no further than this American flag keyboard cover. When you put it on your MacBook Pro keyboard, it can protect your keyboard from dust and dirt while looking good. Isn’t America great?

12-inch MacBook Hard Shell Case

Apple’s all-new 12-inch MacBook is one of the most attractive yet, meaning it’s a good idea to give yours some extra protection. Fortunately, i-Blason’s new MacBook case adds a protective layer of soft-touch material without overwhelming the laptop’s signature slim design. If you’re not content with the MacBook’s default silver, space gray and gold color patterns, this sleek shell lets you outfit the notebook in blue, aqua green and pink. 

Hyait Bling Slim Hard Case

If glitz and glamor are your thing, you might consider Hyait’s Bling case. It covers your 13-inch MacBook with Retina display with fake diamonds and bright colors. This razzle-dazzle polycarbonate shell comes in four colors: black, gold, red and silver. Bonus: It should protect against scratches and bumps.

Space Nebula Skin

Now here’s a MacBook skin that’s truly out there. The Nebula cover by iCasso blankets your MacBook with an image of a soothing space nebula, making it the ideal skin for astronomy geeks or anyone who simply loves pretty colors. This skin is built primarily for the 13-inch MacBook Pro and comes waterproof, oil-proof and scratch-proof. 

Wintersweet Skin

Because unified metal isn’t to everyone’s taste, this serene pattern of flowers in bloom might just be your cup of tea. It covers the lid and palm rest of your 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, turning your laptop into your own personal Zen garden. Breathe in and out — you’re surrounded by nature and your favorite laptop.

Rainy Day Skin

Real-life rainy days are a bummer, but this rain-themed MacBook cover makes precipitation look pretty. Made for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, this protective cover places a soothing, rainy photograph over your notebook’s rear panel and keyboard deck, protecting the laptop from scratches and actual water in the process. 

New and Notable: Bambooti

Bambooti skyrocketed on Kickstarter, filling its goal with almost a month to go. These wooden decals are handmade for every customer, so no two will look exactly the same. The company offers five types of wood and promises to fit every MacBook made after 2011. They start at $65, but you can spend a bit more and get yours personalized with a design or logo.


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