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Im getting bubbles after using autoclave to remove them. When I take the lcd out of the autoclave the bubbles will be 100% gone, then slowly come back. Normally the bubbles reappear around the edges and very rarely in the middle section.


Im not in a clean room but I keep the room I do the refurbishing in very clean

1. Heat lcd on hotplate at 100 degress for about 5 mins
2. use lcd extractor to pull lcd off the frame
3. use vaccum pump and remove glass using a thin wire
4. clean lcd Along with a wd40 ( I tried many glue removers and this is by far the best for me )
5. Put oca film mitsubushi onto glass lens Along with machine like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai8ESBEAVY4
6. I put lcd in lcd mold then lay the glass on top but only press in the middle lightley just enough for the glass to stay on lcd
7. I put into lamination machine, the process is about 2 mins in lamination machine
8. Then I put in autoclave at 6mpa and set to 55 degress for 20 minutes to remove the remaining small bubbles.

Most of the time very small bubbles disappear and then slowly come back minutes later.

Here is what I hear maybe the problems:

1. OCA mitsubishi is for commercial machines and not the smaller machines that I own– And that Japanese oca is made for small machines ( I never used japanese oca )

2. That dust that slips in is causing the bubbles to reappear.

3. That the glass that im using maybe poor in quality

4. The autoclave is not strong enough ( Even though I adjusted the setting to 10mpa Along with same result )

5. That the lamination press Along with glass on lcd in my laminator machine settings are wrong ( I was told not to configure the settings and that they were preset from my supplier )

6. Put the oca in the refrigerator for 15 mins before lamination process ( which I tried and got better results but not good enough )


My conclusion is that I tried many different things and get mixed results. Sometimes The bubbles dont come back after refurbish and sometimes it does. Its like 50% chance it will work Along with no bubbles coming back.

Does any experience person out here have any idea what i maybe doing wrong? kindly feel free to give me any suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it.


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