Choosing a Smartphone Specification For Better Gaming Experience

Choosing is a smartphone is difficult nowadays because of its battery consumption fast some one has good processor and some smartphone has best color contrast and IPS Screen. Some of my fan followers asking me about can u suggest me what specifications in smartphone i see for best gaming experience. So today i am going to share what are the best specifications for a smartphone for playing the games.


Here are the specification that you might see before buying smartphone with better gaming experience.

  1. It should have octa core processor with at least 1.5 Ghz
  2. It should have at least 2 GB of ram
  3. Internal Storage should be 16 GB (Recommended but you can choose 8 GB with SD Card)
  4. The smartphone screen should be super amoled for vivid colors (Also recommended IPS)
  5. There is good level of battery consumption during gameplay so make sure battery should be 3000 mah atleast to enjoy long playing games.

These are the specification you should see while purchasing any gaming smartphone. If you think i miss any point or wanna give suggestion feel free to comment on section below.


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