Do we need Optane Memory to speed up our computer? – review information

Is your computer slow in starting up, running games, or launch design programs like Photoshop? It will be annoyed for you every time using it. Worry not, Optane Memory will solve this problem for you. The longtime you use it, the quick speed your PC would be. Do we need Optane Memory to speed our computer no matter what brand it is? Let’s walk through the following to learn more details.

What is Intel’s Optane Memory?

Intel Optane Memory is a new technology to speed up PC memory response. It is an M.2 NVMe SSD with 3D-XPoint-based. Optane Memory serves as the system cache and greatly improves the speed of data access.

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Requirement: A computer with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5/i7/i9 + 200/ 300 series chipsets motherboards + Windows 10 platform.
Now, we are going to test how much Intel Optane affects Memory on HDD and SSD.

How much does Intel Optane Memory effect on HDD

Test platform

CPU: Intel Core i3-8100


Windows: Windows 10 Pro x64-bit

1. Testing result of HDD with Intel Optane Memory in CrystalDiskMark and AS SSD Benchmark
Transfer rate of Drive C/D/E in CrystalDiskMark


Transfer rate of Volume C/D/E in AS SSD Benchmark

transfer speed in asssd2. Comparison of HDD speed with or without Intel Optane Memory

Drive C

c volume transfer speed

Drive D

d volume transfer speed

Drive E

e volume transfer speed


Install an Intel Optane Memory to your HDD computer will get an explosive increase. It is worth to get an Intel Optane Memory to improve your working efficiency and gaming fluency. The more data transfer, the quick the speed will be. Intel Optane Memory is equivalent to a cache disk, as a result, computer will run faster if you do the same operation during a periodic time. However, it regrets that not all computers are suitable for Intel Optane Memory. If Intel Optane Memory is available to all computers in the future, it will be good news to everyone.

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