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Last updated on April 4, 2016

Alfahd Android Tools is a small tool that allows you to perform multiple tasks on your Android Device using the Windows Computer. Here, on this page we have managed to share the Alfahd Android Tools for free.

Alfahd Android Tools

Features of Alfahd Android Tools

Reset Data: This feature allows you to perform factory reset and wipe user data on your android device (requires root).

Boot into Recovery and fastboot: Using this feature you can easily boot your device into the Recovery and Fastboot mode via ADB.

Reset by Bootloader and fastboot: Once you have booted your device in ADB Mode, then using this feature you can boot into the fastboot or bootloader mode and perform the factory reset.

Format by Fastboot: This feature allows you to remove or format the userdata from the android device (all data will be deleted with this method).

Boot into Download Mode: This feature allows you to quickly boot your android device into the download mode without pressing the physical keys.

Check ADB and fastboot: This feature allows you to check the ADB and Fastboot Modes on your Android Device.

Check Device Info: With this feature you can check the detailed information about your Android Device in a Click.

Unpattern Lock: This feature allows you to remove the Pattern Lock from any Android Device in a click (device must be rooted to use this feature).

Download Alfahd Android Tools



Password to extract:

Keep in Mind:

[*] How to Setup ADB? You can learn How to Setup ADB on Windows Computer or Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools.

[*] Trojan / Malware Alert: Alfahd Android Tools contains Android Exploits that helps you to perform multiple tasks on your Android Device. These Exploits are taken as Trojan / malware by various File Scanners (scan data).

[*] Credits: Alfahd Android Tools is created and distributed by fahdwin (developer). So, full credits goes to him for sharing the tool for free.


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