Download all wallpapers from the HTC 10 right here

We’re just days away from the HTC 10 debuting, but what’s already here is the entire set of wallpapers from the flagship. All twenty wallpapers preloaded on HTC’s 2016 flagship are available right here for you to download now.
Hit the break to see and pick wallpapers to put on your devices.

Select a wallpaper from below
Open the wallpaper in a new tab
Save to get full resolution

If you’d like to get any of the wallpapers above directly from the source, LlabTooFeR is hosting all of them on Mega. That’s where you can download the wallpapers individually or pick them up in a single ZIP file.
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On April 12, the HTC 10 will be announced at an online-only launch event streaming live for a global audience.
Source: LlabTooFeR (Twitter)

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