Download MIUI launcher for Micromax and YU Android Phones

Android, the thing that made it possible for everyone to afford a smartphone in today’s world debuted back in 2008 and now is an essential part of our lifestyle. The one thing that lies common in the devices widely available today is that they run on the Android Operating System. Now the reason behind the rise of Android can be summed up to the opportunities and capabilities that it held, so much could be done by using it.

MIUI launcher for Micromax and YU

You may have pondered at times, why does every Android phone even though that runs on the same OS version, feels and looks so changed, that is because Android has no limitations on it. Every OEM is free to design a skin for the Android and preload their devices with it. In other words, every manufacturer whether it maybe Micromax or Samsung has the ability to run their own Custom designed version of Android.

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One of those manufactures is Xiaomi from who comes the beautiful yet elegant MIUI theme. Now the MIUI skin or MIUI ROM is by default available in all Xiaomi phones and for those of us who are not so tech savvy as such to install Custom ROMs or do all, yet at the same time still want to appreciate the experience of the bright, cheerful and full of colours MIUI skin, there is something that can be done.

MIUI Launcher as we know is the fundamental part in the MIUI skin, so even though we don’t have the privilege to enjoy the whole skin, we can still experience the main and central part of it, i.e the MIUI launcher. Today we will show you how to install the MIUI launcher on your Micromax and YU device. Now before coming onto the installation process let us see what makes the MIUI launcher to stand out:

App Drawer: MIUI shares something with iOS, and it is not that difficult to figure it out. Both of them lack the App Drawer or they rather chose not to have one. This is what makes it different from most of the other popular and mainstream Android launchers. This helps to provide an easy, hassle free direct access to the apps at just a swipe.

Themes: One thing we all love is customization, whether it maybe to choose among the different filters available to click a photograph, or tons of themes to choose from for the MIUI launcher. There are a lot of Icon themes available on the Play Store and all of them can be used in the MIUI launcher and you can personally edit the icons too.

Easy Access: MIUI launcher is a simple launcher, there is not much settings with settings to get confused from, it is easy to use, one can even move and delete apps easily.

Personalization and Gestures: MIUI launcher provides you with the ability to set up your own gestures for your own convenience, you can even change the scrolling options, edit or remove the search bar, all is available at your dispose.

Now here is the installation process, so that you can go ahead and enjoy the first-hand experience.

  • Open up Play Store and search for “MIUI Launcher” and choose the one from “MUApp” or just simply use this link.
  • Click on Install and let it download and finish installing.


Alternate Install Method:

  • Firstly, open up the Settings app on your device and go to Security and check the Unknown sources option under Device administration.
  • Open your browser and search for MIUI launcher by MUApp Apk.
  • After it finishes downloading, find the file and open it and simply click on Install.

Press the home button now on your device and choose MIUI launcher from the options it will show and enjoy.

Note – This app is only supported for Android 4.1 and up. You can set it default if you only want to use this launcher for all purposes from now on. To clear out default goto Settings>Apps>MIUI Launcher and select the Clear Default options.

Thanks to the MIUI Launcher app, people who have always looked from afar and wanted to try this launcher can do so now without risking to get mingled in the technical stuff. So go ahead and try, it may not be for you though, but there is no harm in trying.


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