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the increase in the occurrence of 
illnesses we all know the importance of an insurance plan which covers
it. Now, most of us are covered by health plans offered by general insurance
service providers but let me tell you the difference between a health plan and
a critical illness plan!

  • A critical
    illness plan is different from a medical insurance plan in the following sense:
  • A medical insurance plan needs the life assured to undergo
    hospitalization whereas in a critical illness plan, diagnosis is enough to
    avail of the critical illness cover.
  • Medical insurance does not cover loss of income owing to onset of
    ailment whereas critical illness cover provides for any kind of requirement.
  • A medical insurance plan does not cover for payment of EMI’s on home
    etc in the event of indisposition of the breadwinner, the provision of which is
    there in critical illness plan.
Now, that we
know the importance of a critical illness plan. Let’s look at the critical
illness plans in the market.
EdelweissTokio life – CritiCare+ is a critical illness plan which covers 17 critical illnesses while most companies
like Aegon and HDFC life only cover cancer. Now being protected against cancer
is good knowing the increase in the percentage of people suffering from cancer.
But even heart disease and kidney failure are prevalent, what about securing
yourself against them?
So I would
rather not take any risk and cover myself against common critical illnesses. Also
some companies like ICICI provide a critical illness rider and not a standalone
plan in which case you end up spending the same on adding the rider and you are
taking a chance on your term cover. One great option you get in Edelweiss TokioLife – CritiCare+ is that you can choose the multi-claim option. Even for ICICI
Pru iProtect there is no option of multiple claims & the critical illness
cover ceases after the first claim and also you have to compromise on your term
The policy
remains in force only for the death benefit that too your sum assured will
reduce accordingly.
With Edelweiss
Tokio Life – Criticare+, you have the following benefits:
  1.  It covers 17 major illnesses including kidney
    failure, cancer, stroke, organ transplants etc.
  2. It’s a
    stand-alone plan and not very expensive.
  3. It provides
    a multi-claim option wherein you can claim up to 3 times during the policy
    tenure & also receive a waiver of future premiums after first claim which
    is a very good feature. Because after a critical illness your income could be
    hampered so waiver of premium will be a major satisfaction. Also the chances
    falling prey to another critical illness increases, it’s always better to be
    financially prepared for it.

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