Exide Life Income Advantage Plan: Save, Earn and Be Insured hard-reset.net

Exide Life
Income Advantage Plan
is a customizable savings plan which offers you with Guaranteed
Income and Insurance cover under the same plan. The plan primarily aims at
providing additional income option to meet future financial requirements. It is
a Traditional Participating Insurance Plan which will provide you with regular
payouts in the latter half of the policy tenure while you need to pay the
premium only during the 1st half of the policy tenure.

It is an
ideal plan for individuals who are looking for an Insurance cover along with an
additional income to meet future goals such as Child Education expenses or to
take better care of your loved ones. The Cost of Living is always on the rise
and the meager annual increments are just not enough to meet your expenses and
allow you live a life you deserve. In such a situation if one is burdened with
additional cost involved in supporting your family, providing your child with
the best of education and improving your social status, it becomes very
difficult to manage. Thus additional income does help to meet such needs and
provide oneself and your loved ones with a comfortable living.