External Batteries: Stylish Accessories For Your Smartphone hard-reset.net

External batteries have become a must-have for smartphone owners who want to get away from the stress caused by the poor autonomy. Whether it’s a trip or a long day at the Office, a portable battery can ensure the optimal operation of a smartphone for a prolonged period.

Their most important feature being the capacity. In addition to that, the weight and design can also influence the choice of a particular model. The average weight of an external battery is 100-150 grams, increasing with capacity, which determines the number of complete charges achieved. For example, for a phone whose battery capacity is 1440 mAh, a 5600 mAh external battery ensures almost 4 full charges.

Besides the obvious usefulness of the external portable batteries, the device has also managed to become a stylish accessory for the fashion enthusiasts. Manufacturers have borrowed the logos of a few famous fashion companies and the brand of a coffee shop to create a range of useful accessories, but also a trendy one.

We present a series of external batteries for those for who want to add a bit of style to their attitude:



Kate Spade







MimoPowerTube – StarWars



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