Firefox OS 2.6 is the Latest and Last Version for Smartphones

Not long ago, Mozilla announced it would be moving the focus of Firefox OS fully away from the smartphone ecosystem where it is always playing catch up to new product innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT) and other connected devices products.


After the Firefox OS 2.6 version is released, the end-of-life support for the OS begins. The platform has always been and continues to be open source, so it is still open to contributions and the OS could still run on smartphones, but Mozilla promises staffs would be no more involved in Firefox OS for smartphones beyond May 2016.

The company also announced the Firefox Marketplace will henceforth, stop accepting apps for Android, Desktop and Tablet while those not supporting Firefox OS will be wiped out entirely. App submissions for Firefox OS will continue into 2017 (no stop date yet) and updates to free Firefox OS phone apps will also be allowed.

Mozilla has seen continued intense competition for Firefox OS smartphones in recent times as the cost of low-end Android counterparts continue to go downhill. The company throwing in the towel, shows the kind of edge top OS platforms such as Android, iOS and maybe Windows Mobile have over others such as Sailfish OS, Blackberry 10 and Ubuntu.  

Source: Mozilla

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