Fix “failed to fetch” Cydia Error on iOS 9 Devices – Best news Full report

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Many users of iPhone and iPad Devicces with iOS 9 face a error witj their device called “failed to fetch”. This error is concern with the cydia app in jailbroken iPhone and iPad devices in file system. After Cydia prepared its file system and reapring the device, re-launching the app gave an ever annoying error: “Failed to fetch  The solution of this problem is given in some simple steps explained below.

  • At first step Toggle OFF Wi-Fi from Settings → Wi-Fi.
  • Toggle ON Cellular / Mobile data from Settings → Mobile → Mobile Data (Some users will have Cellular data instead of Mobile data).
  • Open Cydia app, tap on Sources located at bottom.
  • Click on Refresh option located in top-left corner.
  • You will likely get the same error of “failed to fetch”, but without the long Hash Sum mismatch.
  • Again tap on Sources tab in Cydia and tap the Refresh option. Cydia will reload the data successfully this time.

That’s how yu can resolve “failed to fetch” error in iPhone and iPad devices running iOS9.


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