Forgot your Lenovo’s A7000 unlock pattern? Here’s the solution

Have problem with Lenovo  A7000? Not working good? Heating Problem?  A7000-a Wireless and Hotspot not working?

First of all, don’t lose your head, things like this can happen to the best of us – not so different from losing your keys. Here’s an easy, step-by-step solution to hard reset that beautiful Lenovo A7000 of yours:

1. Make sure your phone is charged. If it isn’t plug it in and wait for it.

2. Once the phone is charged, unplug it and switch it off.

3. Hold the Volume-Up and Volume Down buttons at the same time, then briefly press the Power-button while holding the other two.

4. Android Recovery’s menu will appear on your screen. Once this happens, remove your fingers from the buttons.

5. Use Volume Down to select the “Wipe data/factory reset” option. Once you’re there, press the Power-button to confirm.

6. Use Volume Down to select the “Yes-delete all user data” option.Press the Power-button to confirm.

7. Once the data is wiped, select the “Reboot system now” option that will appear on your screen.

8. Your Lenovo A7000 will restart with pattern reset.

See? It wasn’t that hard to perform the hard reset. Now that you’re good to go, choose your pattern wisely!


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