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How to Unlock code Samsung galaxy S4?

If you are looking for unlock code to unlock your Samsung Galaxy mobile, then you have come in right place. because we offer free Samsung unlock code service all over the world.

Hi, I’m sitting for writing this tutorial because most of my blog readers send me e-mail and they have request to writing. They have write to me….

I want Samsung galaxy S3 i747 permanent unlock code.

How to unlock code Samsung Galaxy S4?
How to SIM network unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4?
How to SIM unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

And many more……..

On regarding their email, Now I will tell you How to Unlock Code Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile. This is a tested method. So can 100% grantee this tutorial will works.  A good news is that, you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by applying this same method. So read this tutorial attentively. I will request to all the readers of my website, please try to follow every steps of all the tutorial to get better results.
So read, learn, apply and enjoy……..

Before read this tutorial, It is necessary to know –
What is unlock code?
Why we should know unlock code our phone?

How to Place Unlock Code Appropriately To your Samsung Galaxy Mobile.

Unlocked phone will allow you to use it on other networks. When you travel abroad you will be able to use it on networks with a given country. Increase value of your phone because it can be used with all SIM cards.

Now lets we see-

How to Unlock code Samsung galaxy S4?

Dear reader, Do not neglect this information on “Unlock code Samsung Galaxy S4” because I have test it several times. Please follow every steps very carefully – 

Unlock code Samsung galaxy S4 tested method.


Step 1:  At first, Insert your SIM card and restart your phone.

Step 2: Then, go to dialing screen and simply dial *#27663368378# for the Debug Service Menu

Step 3: Now select UMTS MAIN MENU from the Debug Service Menu

Step 4: Next select  PHONE CONTROL  from the Debug Service Menu

Step 5: And then  NETWORK LOCK  from the  PHONE CONTROL Menu

Step 5: Now click on PERSO SHA256 OFF from the  NETWORK LOCK  Menu

Step 6: Now wait for a few minutes before going back to the main menu. and wait for the message ‘Network Lock‘ then choose NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ.

 (that means you will find a “NV REBUILD” screen and you will see the following text on your mobile screen-

Golden-Backup exist
You can Restore Cal/NV

The phone will tell you that a Golden Backup exists. Tap  Restore Back-up.

 Step 7: Select Restore Back-up from the “NV REBUILD” screen and wait a moment. Your phone will auto reboot or restart within a few minutes.

You have finished all task. Congratulations, your phone is now unlocked permanently .

NB: This unlocking service will only work to remove network operator, Network Lock, Network Subset Lock, SP lock,  and CP lock that lock the phone to a specific network or service provider. A great news is that, This service will not deactivate the phone’s other security features.

Advice: We advised you to keep back up your phone settings before trying these codes. Save all phone numbers, important massage and other information to the SIM or memory card etc. Some phones clear the phone memory when it reset.

But Beware:                 
Always remember that when you are entering these unlock codes, you can try only three times, otherwise your phone could permanently lock or block.  This code may perform a phone reset. Please make sure your phone book is backed up before entering any codes. We are NOT responsible for any damage to your mobile phone.


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