Freedom 251 – Finally Booked the Rs.251 Smartphone! –

Freedom 251 is finally available for booking today. Though they are not accepting payments yet but there is option to complete first step of the booking. You will have to add the product in to the cart, provide your personal details like shipping address, email ID, and phone number. After that once you will submit the details via “order now” button, you will get following message :

Dear XYZ,
Thank You for placing your order. This is sincerely appreciate your clear understanding that for every unique email id you may register one phone only.
We will email you the link for payment within 48 hours to your registered unique email id [email protected] to complete your purchase.


You can book only one phone via one mobile number and/or one email ID. But if you have more than one mobile number than you can book the more phones, like if you have 3 mobile number then you can book 3 phones.

I have not received email for the payment yet and will update this page once I receive the payment email and make the payment for it. As you can see the retail price of the phone is Rs.251 and Rs.40 is charged as the delivery charges. So in total you will have to pay Rs.291 for the Freedom 251 smartphone.

Yesterday, the original date of booking, was quite frustrating for most of the buyers as many wasted more than 4-5 hours in trying to book the phone as the booking websites crashed due to high traffic.

Buy Freedom 251 here.

Freedom 251


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