Google to integrate Google Goggles VR in its Camera app: Report

Google is set to integrate an improved version of Google Goggles into its camera app. Google Goggles is currently a standalone application that allows users to search for objects in images taken by their smartphones.Google is reportedly going to add a new feature in its Google Camera app. The feature though isn’t really new as it is the integration of Google’s dated Google Goggles, an augmented reality mobile app that allowed users to search based on pictures taken by the smartphone. According to Android Authority, Google will be integrating the feature into its wearable devices as well, speculated to be next generation Google Glass and Cardboard-based VR headsets.
Google had launched Google Goggles app for Android in 2009 and a year later on iOS. But it discontinued the iOS app in May 2014 for being “of no clear use to too many people.” Google Goggles is currently available for Android users as a standalone app.
Google Goggles allowed users to search about real world images shot through the smartphone’s camera. Google says the app can recognize tourist spots, famous paintings and even brand logos. The app identifies the subjects in the image and provides details such as relevant web pages, news stories and can also scan barcodes.
Though the app is quite interesting, Android Authority points out the issues with Google Goggles. According to the site, the app results weren’t very accurate considering the images taken had several elements, making it difficult for Google to show relevant results. But Google will now be addressing this issue and make it more usable by allowing users to draw an outline around the image that they want to look up. Also, the improved Google Goggles feature will provide more details such as price and from where to buy.
Google’s new Goggles may finally take off this time considering it has significantly improved its image search capabilities over the years. Also, it will be integrated within default Google Camera app, it will save on the hassle of downloading a separate app for the same purpose. Google is likely to announce this feature as a part of Android N.
The company has been extensively working on its virtual reality capabilities as rivals like Facebook and Microsoft are also making efforts to tap the segment. Rumor has it that Google could also launch a new VR headset that is far advanced than the spartan Cardboard and could compete with the likes of Samsung’s Gear VR. However, it won’t require a smartphone and will have a display, a powerful processor and even outward facing cameras. Google could announce the VR headset at I/O in May.

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