Hard reset BlackBerry Classic q10/ q20/ SQC100-4 /SQC100 hard-reset.net

Factory reset BlackBerry Classic q10/ q20/ SQC100-4 /SQC100 is similar so this instruction will same for all this model.

Before you start hard reset please be sure you make back up your Contacts and Data(photo, video, app, etc..). This procedure will delete all info on your phone and it will be a new one from the store.

This process may help with a blank or frozen screen, apps crashing or freezing, keypad/touchscreen problems, forgot password, can’t hear, device making noises, can’t make or receive calls, and the device won’t sync.

If you have some easy problems you can try to do this first method:

Turn off > remove the battery, sd card, sim card > wait for few seconds and return it back > Turn ON It will do a soft reset procedure.

The second method to reset your phone by using the menu Settings

Your phone must be turned on:

Press Menu > Settings> Security & Privacy > Security wipe > You will need to enter pass ” Blackberry ” and confirm by pressing Delete Data.

The phone will be restarting and all info will be erased to factory mode.

Also, you can try to reset your cell by security resetting code:

Just open the Dial-Up window and enter #*123456*# It will format your smartphone.

4th method to do hard reset

If your Blackberry is not responding and you can’t turn it on please use these keys to do a hard reset:

Left ALT + Right SHIFT + BackSpace (Del) and wait for few seconds – the device will restart and hard reset will be done.

Sometimes you can forget password – to reset it easy enter a few times the wrong pass and follow the instruction and in the end, write pass “blackberry“.

If you do all these steps and your phone are still has problems trying to call local dealer service.


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