Hard Reset Oppo R7s – Factory Reset Tips for Oppo R7s 2016 – 2017

Hard Reset Oppo R7s – Oppo is brand shine Smartphone on the Asian countries. This is a so cute smartphone we know that. The android operating systems operate the Smartphone very smoothly. Here we no need to write good reviews about the Smartphone. Because we are in here make a short conversation about hard reset Oppo R7s. If you think your smartphone very strong, so, why the smartphone required the hard reset or factory reset. Because the hard reset or factory reset not a smartphone problem. Every Smartphone operate by operating systems like as android or iOS. When the operating systems get more load as a time the operating systems provide us something of problems. On another site, we make a password, pattern lock, user lock, apps password, Gallery password. And sometimes we forget the one kind of password of above. Then we need hard reset or factory reset the smartphone. We are going to learn the tips how to hard reset Oppo R7s.

Hard Reset Oppo R7s

Hard Reset Oppo R7s

List of reason for make hard reset Oppo R7s Smartphone

# Apps doesn’t work properly – Sometimes we face some of the apps doesn’t work properly. The apps stop work without any advance information. As a time, we filling very disgusting about our smartphone. But don’t worry this is not a smartphone problem. This problem showing from your operating systems. Every operating system required updates but the right time if we don’t update our operating system than we facing the problem. From getting back the problems we should make hard reset Oppo R7s after hard reset connect to online and make updates the operating systems. I hope you be get released from the problems within a short time.

# Pattern lock – Sometimes we forget our important pattern lock or someone try to unlock your Oppo R7s via the wrong pattern. When someone try wrong pattern lock as a time your smartphone showing locked. Now you need to get back from the locked system. Don’t worry you can do it via factory reset Oppo R7s.

# Play Store password forget – This is one more important section Google Play store. Every android smartphone required the Play store account. Because when we want to download any kind of software from play store we should use the account and password. If we forget the password then we can get back from the problem via hard reset or factory reset Oppo R7s smartphone.

Hard Reset Oppo R7s

Hard Reset Oppo R7s

Now we can start hard reset steps on Oppo R7s smartphone

Tips for hard reset Oppo R7s

1) Switch off the mobile and wait around 10-15 sec

2) This is important point for Oppo R7s smartphone Keep in same time Volume (-)  and power buttons in same time. After 3 second release the power button Then you will face the display below as like as android recovery screen.

3) Now press and hold the Vol (+) Button and hold it, see the factory reset menu is active now.

4) Now press the power button for android recovery option and conform.

5) From the menu items you should select wife data/ factory reset and press power button for confirm it.

6) On the next steps the android recovery option want form you conformation you want to factory reset your android device? IF you select “Yes” then all data will delete form your Smartphone.

7) Wait some time work is running after done the factory reset the phone again show android recovery option; now you should select reboot the mobile via volume (+) or (-). After sleeting press power button and your android device is reboot now.

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8) All work is done!!! Now see your mobile is same as new cell phone. Setup step by step like just new android phone setup.

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