Hard reset Thomson Smart TV. hard-reset.net

Attention! Hard reset will return your Thomson TV settings to factory mode. It means that your Apps, channel, Wi-Fi or other personal settings will reset to default mode. A hard reset may help you so solve some technical problems. (like sound, picture, power off or on, forgotten lock pin or parent controls and many others that’s depends with soft programs). This will not help with mechanical problems but firstly in the service center try to do a soft reset and after find mechanical if any.

How to do hard reset Thomson Smart TV?

There are many models Thomson TV so on your model it may be some difference but not critical.

  1. Turn On Your Tv
  2. Go to Home
  3. Press Settings
  4. Find More…
  5. Factory Reset
  6. Enter the password if need.
  7. Usually on Thomson TV default password is 1234 (0423) but if you change it early – enter your own.

One of our readers send this short instruction how he does reset on his Device:

Power On > System > Reset Shop > Press Ok > Enter Password (default one 1234 or customs one) > press OK > after finishing will opened Initial Setup (first start setting).

Also, find some info about Master Password – 0423. You may need it if you forgot the parent control Password, pin code.


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