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Well for quite some time I have not posted any solutions, due to alot of facts which I wont go into details on now Hardware Repair Series – Samsung E700-E710-E715 insert

Anyway today we gonna solve the E710 Insert SIM fault, very easy to repair.

Tools wanted for this fix :

1 : Soldering Iron 30 – 50 Watt Along with SMD tip.
2 : Good flux, I recommend ERSA – FMKANC32-005 non-clean cream.
3 : Soldering tin 1.5 – 2 mm Along with core flux.
4 : Thin patch wire insulated !

The problem occurs normally around the IC called U100, the function is actually power module/led driver and RS232 between the Sim Reader and CPU !

Ive had too many Along with broken lines from Sim Reader to U100

Lets fix the bugger

Here you see the area we have to work on, to find the correct leg, start from top left side of U100 and start counting counter clockwise untill you reach leg 48-49-50 and 51, you can see in this picture where the pacth wire is located so you have an idea where it is

Hardware Repair Series – Samsung E700-E710-E715 insert

On the next pic here you see the work area magnified to 60x. Now the red numbers corresspond to U100 leg numbers, while THIS CYAN is what legs on the SIM Reader they are connected to

Hardware Repair Series – Samsung E700-E710-E715 insert

On the last pic here you see the SIM Reader legs and their numbers, in red you have the leg numbers on U100, so just measure if you have all 4 lines ok, if not you have found the fault

Hardware Repair Series – Samsung E700-E710-E715 insert

Well thats it for this time Hardware Repair Series – Samsung E700-E710-E715 insert

More coming up soon in Samsung hardware repair area

Hope this to be helpeds out some folks. Good luck, and dont blame me for busted boards, do this at you own risk !

And kindly, do not start any send me too posts of any kind, they will be deleted. I do not have it whatever it might be. For your information I use a Novex AP-8 stereo microscope, and pictures posted here is taken Along with a QX3 Intel ™ digital toy microscope, you can find those nice little ones on Ebay for around 60 Euro.

OBS ! Edit 16/9-2005

Solution for E700 will come as soon as I get a E700 board and can take some pictures. Power supply IC here is called U400, and have a different wirering..

And kindly, DO NOT start 1 line thank you posts, I WILL delete them, its waste of our server space, post only if you have anything additional which is directly related to this fault, or if you have found other solutions than this.

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