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“In Facebook Terms Subscription feature means Hear from people you’re interested in, even if you’re not friends.”
Means If You Subscribe To Anybody Then You Can Able To Get His Public Updates on your wall.

Many Cyber Security Specialists are Saying That This Feature Is Going To Leak Personal Information of People…On The Other Hand Many People Find This Feature Useful Just Because They Can Now Able To Keep In A Touch With Their Favorite Celebrity.

If You are not using Subscription feature yet..
then you can activate it by 

Go To   and check mark on allow subscribers or alternatively you can go to Account Settings then Subscribers Tab and check Mark The Allow Subscribers as You Can See In The Image Below..Make Sure Your Age Is above 18 in your profile  to activate allow subscription feature.

From the launch of this superb feature Many People from All Over The Globe Subscribing Their Favorite Celebrities,Role Models,Favorite Sportsmen etc to keep in a touch with them..

Do You Know Mark Zukerberg has More Than 15 million Subscribers…:-) 
Why not..After all he is a founder of world’s #2  site.
One Thing Is Clear that The More Subscribers we Have…The More Value we Have..

So Now A Common Question Is Rising in Your Mind That Is “How Can I Get thousands Of Subscribers On Facebook“…?

There are lot of People All over The Net Who Are Saying That They Have Auto-Subscribers Script For Facebook…But  frankly speaking I Didn’t Found Any Working Script Yet…That scripts are just scams.

Now all we have to do is follow some of the white hat tricks to increase facebook subscribers.

So below are some tricks to get friend requests as well as subscribers...

We get subscribers only when,we don’t accept incoming friend request.if
we start to accept incoming friend request then we will never see a
increase in subscribers so if want to increase subscribers then don’t
accept any of the incoming friend requests.

  • Update Your Profile: Profile details are the only thing that gives a first impression of us to our profile visitors.People rarely Send Friend requests to those who have a incomplete or less attractive profile.
    I Recommend To Fill up all profile details before proceeding Don’t leave a single field empty.
  • Keep Sharing Things Publicly : Share
    Interesting Content with Your Profile and Tag Peoples as much as you
    can..this will drive attention of peoples towards your profile and they
    will start to send request to you.
    while Sharing Things make Sure That you change the visibility level of your post from friends to public.

  • Be A Source Of Knowledge : Participate in groups,pages,events,communities and help others this will Surely bring a increase in subscribers.
  • Get 1000 Subscribers By Facebook Suggest A Friend Feature:
    Yes..we can able to get thousands of subscribers very fast by suggest
    friend feature.The Only we have to do is to say some of our good friends
    to suggest Some facebook friends of theirs to us.
    for i.e If 5 of
    your friends suggest 50 facebook friends of them each then you will get
    250 friend suggestion request.lets say 200 of 250 peoples send you a
    friend request then you will get 200 new subscribers without doing
    don’t react on that friend suggestion request because if
    you send a request to anybody then they will get a new subscriber you
    will not get anything.just wait for sometime to friend requests to

  • You Subscribe Me I Will Subscribe You back: This is another way to get many subscribers easily.There are lots of  facebook pages where we can subscribe to anyone and possibly they will subscribe us back.
    some of  facebook subscribers page url are
  • Facebook Subscribe Button Widget : If you have a website/blog then its very easy to get ton’s of subscribers by just adding a facebook subscribe button widget to can create a subscribe button for your blog or site from here
  • Promote Yourself : Promote your profile to some of the biggest facebook groups with tag line like “please subscribe me..i will subscribe you back” or anything promising.
    There are many other peoples who are also in need of subscribers.they will surly subscribe you.

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