How Freedom 251 is priced for Rs 251 – Facts behind price of Freedom 251 –

Freedom 251 is a product of Ringing Bells PVT LTD which was launched on 18th feb on an event in Delhi. Ringing Bells PVT LTD is a Noida based company who launched this cheapest smartphone in India. The smartphone is available for pre booking on it’s official website for INR 251. Now a question striking in everyone mind how company manged such a low price for Freedom 251.

Normally a 3G phone cost is around more than 2500 than how company selling Freedom 251 just for rs 251. so here are the facts that company revealed behind the low cost of the mobile phone.

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How Freedom 251 is priced for Rs 251

The company said a common phone with 3G network cost is around $36 to $43 but it includes multiple govt tax, duties which increase the price of the device so Ringing bell said that the state govt put off the duties which reduced the cost upto 20 to 30% to keep the price low of Freedom 251.

The another reason of keeping the price low of Freedom 251 is the reduction of cost via retailers. Yes, the phone is available to buy online only via it’s personal distributing channels that reduced the cost upto 35% just like the flopped Aakash tablet did.

The company manufacturing the phone in it’s household manufacturing plant that reduce the cost of import and many other cost of availing phone in household market.So it is expecting a duty saver of 13.8% under Make in India and startup schemes.

So all the above cost reduction will really help in the affordable production of Freedom 251. The company said rest reduction of cost will be done by economies of scale, like by using affordable technology, economical working staff and a great combination of men and machine.

Other cost reduction by the company depend on future, how comany manage the low price of the phone or deliver the product to the users at the promised time of 4 months. However the Datawind who announced the 34$ tablet face multiple issue to keep the price low like it take 6 month to 1 year to deliver the tab to customers and also sued by customers for delay in delivery.

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