How to add and switch Multiple accounts on Instagram for Android –

Instagram had always annoyed users by giving an option of using only one account at a time on its app, and for those who had their brand and personal profiles to manage, they had to always log out from one and log in to the other account all the time. Finally, we see a good news that Instagram is now allowing the use of multiple accounts together in the app, and it is available both on iOS and Android.

It isn’t hard to add and switch between the multiple Instagram accounts, but for a first timer, even I had to check for the proper options. Here’s how you can do it.

Instagram Multiple Accounts Login

Before we begin, there is no guarantee that multiple profiles would be already available for your account, so if you cannot see the options that we see, you probably need to wait. If you see the options, you are good to go.

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Log in to an extra account in Instagram app

  • While you are already on the primary account of yours, you just need to add another account in order to have multiple accounts in the app. For that, go to the Profile Section of your account. It is the bottom right tab, which shows your profile info.
  • Here, you will get to see a three-dot option on the top right corner, tapping on which, there will be several profile options.
  • Scroll to the bottom and you should see an “Add Account” option. Tap on that and you will be taken to a new login screen, keeping your current account logged in.

Instagram Multiple Accounts Add Account

Login to the new account, and once you are done with that, you will be taken to the normal interface with your newer account logged in. But that doesn’t mean your previous account is logged out now.

Switching between Instagram accounts on Android app

It was quite easy to add a new account in the Instagram Android app, but it even more easier to switch between the multiple accounts. Earlier, the silhouette icon in the bottom right was just a standard icon, but now, it shows your profile picture so that you easily know which profile you are logged into.

Instagram Multiple Accounts Switch

  • To switch between the accounts, you need to again go to the Profile page by tapping on the profile picture icon in the bottom right.
  • The top left will have your username, along with a cross arrow mark for the drop-down list showing the list of accounts you are logged into.
  • Tap on that and you can instantly switch into the other account from the list. It is quick, easy and less confusing.

Note: Since these will be different accounts, the settings you make for one account won’t reflect on the other, and vice versa. Also, if you have Push notifications turned on for Account 1 and turned off for Account 2, you will have to keep yourself active on Account 1 to receive the push notifications.

Do comment below if you are facing any issue while trying to manage and switch between multiple Instagram accounts on Android.


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