How to Add/Show/Hide Comments to Cell in Excel 2010 – review information

In the article, we would find the meanings of comments, and learn how to add and operate the comments to cell in Excel (2010).

What a comment can do in Excel?

By annotating a worksheet with comments, you can attack additional information to a cell to describe the cell for convenient reading and understanding. For example:

  1. Ask questions about the data with comments
  2. Leave your feedback in excel document from another person
  3. Describe certain value in cells of Excel
  4. Explain formulas to other users


 How to Add Comments to Cell in Excel

Text and picture are two different kinds of content in comment. The way to add them is also different. So now let’s see how to create the two kinds of comments for cell in Excel (2010).

Text comment:

Step 1: Select the cell that you want to add comment.

Step 2: Add comment to cell with three ways.

1. Go to the Review tab, and click on New Comment icon in Comments group.

2. Right click the cell and select Insert Comment option from the context menu.

3. Press Shift + F2 to easily add comment to cell.

add comment to cell in excel

Now you can edit the comment, including changing default user name and entering content in the comment textbox. Or later, you can select the comment and click Edit Comment button to begin to change the comment.

successfully create comment to cell

Picture Comment:

While you need to insert a picture to comment, follow the steps to do.

1. Right-click the comment and click Format Comment.

choose to format comment

2. Click Colors and Lines tab and in the drop-down list of Color, select Fill Effects.

choose to fill comment with effects

3. In pop-up Fill Effects dialog, tap on Picture and click Select Picture button to choose the picture you want to insert to comment.

choose picture as fill effects

4. Click the picture and Insert button in Select Picture window.

select and insert picture in comment

5. Click OK in Fill Effects dialog and Format Comment dialog. Then the picture you select is added as comment.

confirm picture as fill effects

confirm inserted picture as comment

After comments is added to a cell in Excel, if you don’t choose to show, you would not see the comment in Excel sheet, just could know which cell has a comment through the red mark in the right-top button of cell.

successfully add picture comment to cell

So let’s learn how to show and hide the comments in Excel as we like.


How to Show/Hide Comments to Cell in Excel

If there are lots of comments having been created in Excel, you have several choices to display one or all of the comments in Excel.

Option 1: Show comments one by one in Excel (Previous, Next)

With Previous and Next button in Review tab and Comments session, you can view the comments one by one in the Excel.

show comments one by one

Until all the comments are showed, it would give you a warning message about that you have seen all of the comments.

warning message after showing commnent

Option 2: Show or Hide All Comments at once in Excel

If you decided to show all the comments instantly in Excel, Show Comments option in Excel tab would help you to do that easily. Navigate to Show All Comment location in Excel, and click it. All comments would display for cells and you can see all of them.

show or hide all comments in excel

Option 3: Show or Hide Comment with command “Show/Hide Comment”

1. Right-click the cell that has comment and select Show/Hide Comments from context menu.

show or hide comments with command

2. Instantly all the comments in Excel are displayed and hidden.

Surely, if you want to edit comment for cell, you can select the cell and click “Edit Comment“. Or if you want to delete comment, just choose the cell has the comment, and click “Delete“.


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