How to Decrypt the USB Encrypted with BitLocker in Windows and Linux – review information

decrypt BitLocker encrypted USB on Windows and Mac

If you have attached a BitLocker password to protect the USB files, here you can learn the effective way to decrypt BitLocker encrypted USB. We will analyze the steps for both Windows and Linux users.

How to Decrypt A USB Encrypted with BitLocker on Windows PC

Step 1: Open Control Panel > System and Security > BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Step 2: Click Manage BitLocker and you will see that there are many options for the BitLocker encrypted USB. Choose Turn Off BitLocker and make a confirmation at the prompt. Then, it will start the decryption process.

manage BitLocker on Windows

How to Decrypted BitLocker Encrypted USB on Linux

Although Microsoft does not enable BitLocker feature on macOS & Mac OSX, there is an intelligent way to decrypt the USB which is encrypted with BitLocker on Mac. Now let’s explore how to unlock the USB on Linux with BitLocker Genius.

Why Choose iSunshare BitLocker Genius?

iSunshare BitLocker Genius is the useful and secure BitLocker reader for Mac which enables users to open/ read/access the BitLocker encrypted USB without any data at risk. Within several clicks, you can decrypt the USB on Linux and move the files or images between the USB and Linux. This software offers you two ways to unlock the drive: use the BitLocker password or the Recovery key file. There is no doubt that it is extremely easy to get the USB decrypted with the encryption password.

Step 1: Launch the software and insert the USB on Linux

First of all, you should be the paid user of this software so that you can enjoy the full features. After the download and installation process, you can insert the USB into Linux and then you will get it appeared on the software user interface as the screenshot showcases.

detect the Bitlocker USB

Step 2: Select the USB and click the Unlock Button

The disk with the “bitlcoker” Mask should be chosen here. Only after you make your option, the Unlock button will display on the toolbar. Click it without hesitation as you can. It will not cause any data loss.

unlok BitLocker USB

Step 3: Mount the USB with BitLocker Password

In this interface, you can enter the password for the BitLocker USB or use the recovery key file to decrypt the USB. Undoubtedly, the password is the top-priority option for most of the users. After you input the password, it is time to click the Mount button.

Mount BitLocker encrypted USB with password

Step 4: Open, read and access the USB drive

By now, the USB drive is decrypted on the desktop and you can simply open, read and access it as freely as you are in Windows PC. The USB drive is on your control now. You can add files into the drive or copy the files from the drive to Linux. If you finish all you want to do with the USB on Linux, you can click the Eject button on the toolbar. All the data will be kept safely on the USB.

BitLocker USB is decrypted successfully

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