How to Delete Files without Sending to Recycle Bin on Windows – review information

As is known to all, when we delete a folder or file simply, we just send it to the recycle bin.  And we can restore it at any time if we do not empty the recycle bin. It is not secure when it comes to some confidential files. Is it possible to make the deleted files not going to recycle bin and completely delete it from the computer instantly? Yes, of course. We will show you three simple ways about how to delete files without sending to recycle bin on Windows computer.

delete without sending to recycle bin

Way 1: Use Shift + Delete/Del to delete without going to recycle bin

Step-1:  Click the folder or the file which you want to delete forever. Then press Shift and Delete/Del key on the keyboard.

shift and delete key to delete files

Step-2: After that, it will pop out a window to ask “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this folder”.  If you click Yes, it will help you to delete the folder or file without going to recycle bin. And so it is, you cannot view the folder/file in the recycle bin after the deletion.

delete confirm box


Way 2: Set recycle bin properties to delete without sending to recycle bin

Step-1: Right-click the Recycle Bin icon and choose Properties from the context menu.

recycle bin context menu

Step-2:  Firstly, choose the volume which you don’t want deleted folders/files going to recycle bin. Then you can directly check the option “Don’t move files to Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted”.  Also, you need to check the option “Display delete confirmation dialog”. Finally, click the OK and then the Apply button.

set recycle bin properties

Notice: You just set the files on C drive to be removed immediately when deleted in the above screenshot. And the files/folders on other drives will still be in recycle bin after deleting. You can repeat the above steps to set the properties for other volumes.

Way 3: Utilize File Deletion Genius to permanently delete files without recovery

File Deletion Genius is the complete file delete software that can help you delete the files/folders without sending to the recycle bin and with no recovery.  It can 100% force delete the files/folders to protect the safety of your deleted data.

Step-1: Download and install the software on your computer.

Step-2: Launch File Deletion Genius and add the files/folders into the software.

Option 1: You can directly drag and drop the files/folders into the software.

drag files into software

Option 2: You can click the Add button on the bottom left corner and find the location of your files/folders. Then, tick the box next to the files/folders you want to delete. After that, hint the OK button.

add the files into software

Step-3: Do the erase selection.

There are two modes for deletion: Fast Mode and Slow Mode. It is better for you to choose the Slow Mode although it will cost you more time.  The Slow Mode will make the deletion more completely.

two modes for erase selection

Step-4: Click the Delete button.

After you click the Delete button, you will get a warning box which says “Warning! The deleted files cannot be recovered with software or other ways”. Click the OK button and the files/folders will be deleted immediately and permanently.

click the delete button

That’s all. Now you can choose the way you prefer to delete the files/folders permanently on your computer without recovery.


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