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It is inevitably coming with some troubleshooting after using a computer for a long time, such as blue screen, operating system crashed or infected with un-cleanable virus. A large number of people tend to reinstall Windows while they encounter such cases. Nevertheless, varieties of factors may cause the reinstallation failure. Luckily, reset your laptop to factory default can also help you address the issue even if you lost laptop password. Now, let’s have a quick rundown to see the best two ways of how to factory reset HP laptop without password.

Way 1: Factory Reset HP Laptop after Logging into Windows

If you forgot Windows login password when you want to factory reset HP laptop, try to recover the password before resetting it to factory default. You can refer to Reset Windows 10 Local/Microsoft Account Password If Forgot to help you re-access Windows system. Then follow the steps below to factory reset HP laptop.

Step 1: Navigate to Start > Settings > Update & Security. Click on Recovery in the left pane. Then tap on Get started under Reset this PC section.

reset hp laptop without password

Step 2: Under Choose an option, click on Remove everything.

choose an option

Step 3: Select Remove files and clean the drive option. Next, follow the steps wizard to finish factory resetting.

remove fiels and clean the drive

ready to reset this pc

Way 2: Factory Reset HP Laptop by HP Recovery Manager

In this part, you can reset HP laptop to factory default without login to desktop as well.

Step 1: Start or restart your HP laptop and repeatedly hit F11 or ESC + F11 at the same time.

Step 2: When the Choose an option window shows on the screen, click on Troubleshoot.

click on troubleshoot

Step 3: Tap on Recovery Manager.

click recovery manager

Step 4: In the HP Recovery Manager window, click on Factory Reset. Then follow the wizard to finish reset HP laptop without password.

factory reset-hp laptop without password


Comparing the two ways above, we can find that the second way is simple than the first way. However, using first way to reset HP laptop to factory default allows users to back up their important files.

Factory Reset HP Laptop without Password Windows 10, How to Factory Reset HP Laptop without Password


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