How to Flash Lava C81 With Volcano Tool V3.0.0 hard-reset

Lava C81 hangs on logo, restart problem, forgot user code and hardware OK but not switched ON, for all this type of problem you need to flash the phone using any china flash tool. Here is the example of Lava C81 how to flash this phone using Volcano tool V3.0.0.

Lava C81 CPU Details:

Flash Type: GIGA_GD25LQ128

Flash ID:   00C8601800000000

Flash Size: 01000000h

Read Size: 01000000h(16M)

CPU : 8532B/8533BX

Lava C81 How to Flash

Open Volcano tool

Go to MSTAR tab

Select Read flash

Click on Start

Connect the phone with Volcano JIG cable

Lava C81 MSTAR CPU Read Flash Done With Volcano Tool

To write flash select write flash, in this way you can flash the lava Mstar CPU phone using Volcano Tool. With read flash you can know the user codes of the phone.


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