How To Get Help In Windows 10? – The Definitive Guide – Review in hard-reset

How To Get Help In Windows 10? – The Definitive Guide

How To Get Help In Windows 10? Many of us do not know how to get help with Windows 10!

Whether you are a new Windows 10 user, or you have been working with PCs/Laptops for decades. There is always a time where everyone needs help.

This post will cover some of the quickest ways to get help in Windows 10 and to fix Windows 10 problems on your own. 

With these handy tips, you can be sure that you’re never too far from the guidance and information that you need related to Windows 10 Operating System.

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In previous versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 7 there was a software called Microsoft Fix It. That software helps to solve most of the common errors by itself. But its discontinued in Windows 10 and other more efficient support options are introduced.

Microsoft Windows 10 helps the user in many ways. There are different channels from where you can easily get Microsoft help.

How To Get Help In Windows 10:


Getting Started With Windows 10

The Windows 10 get started app offers the short guided trip for Windows 10 users.

Click the Start button and click the Get Started icon from the start menu.

get started windows 10

Like most Apps, the Get Started App is situated on the left edge, or you can ask Cortana in Windows 10. The App will show the short introductory video to Windows 10 users. I recommend you all to watch that video.