How To Hard Reset Nokia E7-00

Software problems can make use of your Nokia E7-00 very frustrating and cause several problems that can be resolved by a hard reset of the handset.

– Voice issues
– Data Damage
– Camera Stand By
– Bluetooth and Wifi Issues
– Unresponsive Touchscreen

Preparation before hard reset:
– Charge mobile phone handset
– Backup important contact data and media
– Remove Sim Card and SD card

Note: After the hard reset of the Nokia E7-00 all data will be lost and impossible to retrieve so make sure to save all important data and backup on a hard drive or external device.

Hard Reset Nokia E7-00

Method 1

>Phone Managment
> Factory Settings
>Delete Data And Restore

If the Nokia E7-00 handset is unresponsive use the following method.

Method 2

>Take battery out of phone before reinserting
>Hold down the following buttons: Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key
> While holding down these buttons press and hold the power button
The Nokia E7-00 will vibrate to indicate the hard reset of the handset.


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