How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850

Samsung Galaxy Alpha G580a is a Samsung smart phone using android OS,v4.4.4, released in September 2014.

Consideration before hard resetting
Hard resetting has some risks as opposed to using other methods such as the soft reset,factory reset using the settings or formatting using the code.Risks in hard reset include lose of valuable data such as images, documents, videos, contact numbers in the mobile phone storage. Therefore it is advisable to backup data in advance.

Steps in hard resetting Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850a
1. Switch off your Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone.
2. Remove all SD cards and Sim Cards.
3. Put the battery and press HOME BUTTON,VOLUME UP and POWER BUTTON.Once Samsung logo appears on the screen release the home button.
4. After pressing the buttons and you see the Android logo stop pressing the keys.
5.”System Recovery Mode” appears,use volume down to select “wipe data/factory reset” and press POWER BUTTON.
6. Select “reboot system now” and press POWER BUTTON.


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