How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800H

There are many reasons why you would want to proceed to a hard reset of your phone, however please read the warning in the end of the article before to proceed. Here are 2 really easy ways to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800H:
I – For the first method, follow those simple instructions:
1. Shut down your device;2. Press and hold in the same time the following buttons: “home” + “power” + “Volume up”;3. When a new screen shows up, press the “volume up” and ” volume down” keys to go to the next fields ans choose “wipe data/factory reset”. Press the “power” key to confirm;4. Confirm the process by selecting “yes” in the next screen;5. Last but not least, select “reboot system now”.
II – For the second method, you can use the Android mobile system for the same result, and an even easier process. Follow the next steps:
1. Go to “Settings”;2. In the “Personal” section, select “Back up and Reset”;3. Select “Factory data reset”.Note that we strongly recommend you to first use the “back up” section upper, please read the warning.
After proceeding to one of those methods, please wait until the phone restarts. As you can see, it was thought in order to not make it happen unintentionally.
Warning: doing a hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800H ends up in deleting all the data you have accumulated: personal data as well as software’s updates. Your phone will return as it was when you first used it. Once again, please make sure you have saved what you needed before to do it.


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