How To Hard Rest iRULU New Victory 3 V3 Phone

Step 1

Switch off the phone by down pressing the Power button.

Step 2

Hold down the Volume Up together with the Power button for around 5 seconds.

Step 3

Once the Android Robot image appears release the held keys.

Step 4

Hold down the power key to gain access to the recovery mode.

Step 5

From the menu that will appear choose the Wipe Data / Factory Reset’ option using the power button and scrolling using the volume buttons.

Step 6

Tap the yes’ option to confirm your choice to wipe data.

Step 7

Finally, use the phones Power button to select the reboot system now’ option and complete the hard reset.

It is also possible to hard rest the iRULU New Victory 3 V3 Phone through its own settings. Once the phone is on go to the Menu to locate and select Settings. Choose the Backup & Reset option. Tap on Factory data reset and then choose Reset device and erase everything. This will automatically hard reset the device.


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