How to Install Custom ROMs on Any Android Phone

Do you own an Android phone? Are you bored by it’s stock firmware and wish to renew or change the interface? The easiest way is to deploy a new theme or a launcher but if you want total control over customization, the best way is to install custom ROMs on your Android phone.

install custom ROMs

The good news is that there are dozens of custom ROMs for every popular phone out there. Depending on your phone model, you can find many different options. Once you’ve installed a custom firmware or ROM, you can change everything about your phone.

Can you install a custom ROM on every Android phone?

All Android phones are locked and therefore you can’t install custom ROMs without tweaking the Android system itself. The most important part of installing custom ROM on your Android phone is to unlock your phone and flash a custom recovery. Once done, you can install a ROM on your phone. This method is almost universal and works for nearly every Android phone in the market today.

Whether your phone has custom firmware depends on the development community. If the developers are interested in the phone, they will develop these ROMs for their own use. Later, they will release it for public. However, if the phone isn’t popular like some local brands, you won’t be able to find custom ROMs. Be sure to look at our collection of these ROMs.

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Is it safe to install custom ROMs on your phone?

You can safely update your phone and install custom ROMs using this method. However, there are some potential risks that you should be aware before you start the installation process. Here are the risks that you need to worry about.

  • To install custom ROMs on your phone or custom ROM Android Lollipop, you have to unlock bootloader of your phone. This is a violation of the warranty terms.
  • Once you have unlocked the bootloader, your phone manufacturer and software vendor are not responsible for any security threats. Unlocking your phone can open it for hackers.
  • Sometimes unlocking and flashing process can cause major problems, corrupting core boot files and causing the phone to become useless. We call these phones ‘bricks’ and they are difficult to get back to life.

Method: How to install custom ROMs – XDA Tutorial

This is probably the easiest and the only universal procedure to install custom ROMs on Android phones. You might have to make changes depending on your phone but the steps will remain the same for majority of Android phones. Here is the method.

Unlock the bootloader

Before you install custom ROMs on your phone, you need to unlock the bootloader. Every phone has a different method for unlocking so you will have to see the specific method for your phone.

But don’t worry, you can find unlocking method for your Android by simply searching on the website with your phone model. We got them all covered.

Root your phone

Once unlocked, it will be easy to root your phone. Just like the unlocking tutorial, we have numerous tutorials for rooting Android phones on this website. Just enter your phone model in the search box on top.

Download files

In order to proceed, you need to have some files. Here are the files that you will need to download.

  • A custom ROM or mod of your choice. You can find dozens of them here.
  • You will also need custom recovery for your phone. You can use TWRP or another recovery of your choice.


  • Now connect your phone with your PC and copy the downloaded files onto your phone. Copy these files in SD card.
  • Now restart your phone and go to recovery mode by pressing the specific combination of hardware keys.
  • Now wipe all data from recovery and look for an option that will let you install ZIP from SD card. Provide the path to your ROM file that you copied to SD card earlier.
  • Follow the prompts to flash your phone with a custom firmware of your choice.



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