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WhatsApp is the most popular and no. 1 messaging app all over the world. Everyone prefer WhatsApp to send files, data, pictures, video, location over the other apps. Now the company is adding a new feature to the app that is WhatsApp UPI payment feature. Now the Whats app users will be able to send or receive money from friends, family or relatives. The company started to roll out the beta version of this features on selected smartphone users, Now the app is live in India, soon everyone will have the WWhatsApp-payment-lead

How to make Payment using WhatsApp : WhatsApp UPI payment feature

hatsApp UPI payment feature on their WhatsApp.

How to Send, Receive money using WhatsApp UPI payment feature

How to make Payment using WhatsApp
How to Send, Receive money using WhatsApp UPI payment feature

WhatsApp just announced about its payment service in India, For now, the company is rolling out the WhatsApp payment features t the selected users. It will take few days to roll out the features update to all Indian users. The official features update will be available soon publically, you will not have to wait for a long time. the company is working on the feature already to reach the features every user.

If we talk about the WhatsApp UPI payment feature it is quite similar to the WhatsApp’s voice calling feature, For sending or receiving money the other users also need to have this features on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp UPI payment feature will be available on the mobile version, you can’t use the WhatsApp UPI payment feature on the web.

The WhatsApp UPI payment feature supports UPI services from all major banks including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Yes Bank, and Airtel Payments Bank.

WhatsApp UPI payment feature: How it works

If you want to know about the  process of WhatsApp UPI payment feature then read the below-listed guidelines to make payment on WhatsApp UPI payment feature :

  1. First of all the users already have the WhatsApp UPI payment feature on their device and want to send money to their friend, they need to go on their friend’s WhatsApp Profile.
  2. Like to send the pictures, files, videos, we tap on attachment button, so to send money you need to tap on attachment button
  3.  As you will tap on the attachment it will show the payment option. You just have to tap on payment option.
  4. As you will tap on payment option, it will show an error saying your friend doesn’t have WhatsApp UPI feature, But actually, you just have enabled the WhatsApp UPI feature for your friend.
  5. Now go to the setting section of the app to see the payment option
  6. Now invite your friend in the same way

WhatsApp UPI payment beta version

As we discussed earlier the company didn’t roll out the update publically, still it has rolled out the WhatsApp UPI payment beta version to the selected Android and iOS users. The feature will be rolled out soon officially. As per the analysis, the UPI payment features will be the biggest milestone in the whatsApp features update. The inclusion of WhatsApp UPI payment in whatsApp will create competition of PayTM and Mibiwik apps.

One more thing you need to know about the features is that the features will work only for peer-to-peer money sharing not for making a commercial payment like paying to online sites and all. Google in December last year revealed the platform had gone past 140 million transactions and has over 12 million monthly active users.

WhatsApp is one of the most competitive app all over India. The app ruling out with more than 200 million users in India, one of its biggest markets in the world.

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