How to Remove or Change Comment Author Name in Excel 2016/2013/2010 – review information

Don’t like the user name set in Excel 2016/2013/2010 for comments? This post is intended to introduce how Excel users could change or remove author name of specified comment, or all new or existing comments.

Change author name temporarily for specified comment:

When you edit the comment in Excel, author name also can be changed at the same time.

  1. Select the cell you want to change comment author.
  2. Click Review tab and choose Edit Comment option in Comments group.

change author name by editing comment

Then you can edit the comment and change the comment author name.

But if you don’t like to change the author name every time when you add comment, how can you do? Now let’s learn to change author name of new or existing comments permanently.


Change author name of new comments:

If you don’t want to use the same author name in new comments, follow the steps to change new comment author name.

old comment user name in excel

1. Click File > Options in Excel 2016/2013/2010 or click Office button > Excel Options > Popular in Excel 2007.

navigate to change excel options

2. In Excel Options dialog, click General in the left pane, and then go to Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office in the right pane, change the User name to new one and click OK.

change user name for new comments in excel options

From then on, you can add new comments with new author name.

add new comment to cell with new author name


Change author name of all existing comments in workbook:

If you want to change existing comments author name, Kutools for Excel would help you to do easily.

1. Open the workbook you want to change the existing comment owner name.

2. Click Kutools > More in Editing group, and select Find/Replace Comment Text.

choose to find and replace comment text in Kutools

3. In the Find/Replace Comment Text dialog, set parameters like these.

Scope: select All sheets if you plan to change author name for all the comments in this workbook. If not, just select the Active sheets to do for the sheet you are inside.

Find text in comments: enter old author name in existing comments.

Replace with: enter new author name to replace old one in existing comments.

set parameters to find and replace comment user name

4. Click Replace and OK button and all existing comments author name are changed to specified one.

confirm comment user name change with kutools

successfully change existing comments author name

If you don’t want author name appear in any existing comment, just follow the steps to remove comment author name in Excel.

Remove author name of existing comments in Excel:

1. In opening workbook, click Kutools > More > Remove/Add User Name in Comment.

choose to remove user name in existing comments

2. In the Remove/Add User Name in Comment dialog, set some parameters.

Scope: select All sheets from drop-down list for all the comments in this workbook, or choose Active sheets for the current sheet.

User Name: enter the user name that you want to remove from existing comments.

set parameters to remove user name from existing comments

3. Click Apply and OK button on pop-up dialog, and existing comment user name are removed.

confirm comment user name remove

successfully remove existing comments user name


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