How to Reset Windows 8/8.1 Lost Password on UEFI-Based Surface PC Tablet – review information

While Windows 8/8.1 password lost on UEFI-based Surface PC tablet, how can you reset lost password easily like on BIOS/MBR computer?

Windows Password Genius would help you. Four versions have been designed to reset different kinds of operational system password. Now if you want to reset Windows 8 password for UEFI-based PC or laptop, Windows Password Genius Advanced version would be needed.

Three steps to reset UEFI-based Surface Windows 8 password after lost

Step 1: Create bootable USB drive with Windows Password Genius

Get Windows Password Genius Advanced full version and run it on accessible computer. Then insert bootable CD or USB drive into computer, and burn Windows Password Genius IOS image file into the drive.

Windows Password Genius Advanced trial version for Surface user:

create Surface password reset disk

This drive is also called Surface password reset disk, which could remove lost Windows local user password or reset forgotten Microsoft account password to be “iSunshare@2012”. Go on to read and you will know.

Step 2: Boot Surface PC tablet from USB drive

Probably you have learned how to boot computer from USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM, but the same operation doesn’t apply to booting Surface PC tablet from USB drive. You should do like this:

  1. Connect bootable USB device into Surface with USB debug.
  2. Hold on Volume down Control key.
  3. Press Power icon and release it.
  4. When you see Surface logo appears on screen, release Volume Control key.

Then Surface will boot from USB device and Windows Password Genius runs and locates all the users existing in locked Surface PC tablet.

Step 3: Reset Windows 8 password for UEFI-based Surface PC tablet

Select user you want to reset password for Surface PC tablet, and tap “Reset Password” button.

select Surface user to reset windows 8 password

You’ll be prompted that the selected user password will be set to be blank. Click on Yes and make sure lost Windows 8 password reset for UEFI-based Surface PC tablet.

reset Surface windows 8 lost user password to be blank

Eject USB drive and restart the locked PC tablet, and you can login Surface PC tablet without password.

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