How to root Huawei G Play Mini – [Two Methods Inside]

If you have bought the new Huawei G Play Mini, there is every reason to be happy about it. It’s a good smartphone with a lot of exciting features. However, you may have to root Huawei G Play Mini to use all these exciting features. Rooting your phone lets you use hardware without restrictions. You can do things like;

root huawei g play mini

  • Improve overall performance
  • Improve battery time
  • Take control of advanced features
  • Install any application
  • Give root permission to applications
  • Perform advanced optimization to boost your device’s memory

In order to root your phone, you just have to follow simple instructions. We have listed two different methods here. Both methods are working so you should be able to root your phone using them. If the first one doesn’t work, try second method.

How to root Huawei G Play Mini

To root Huawei G Play Mini, you can follow any of the following methods.

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Method 1: Root Huawei G Play Mini using KingoRoot

The first method makes use of popular rooting software KingoRoot. This is an easy-to-follow procedure. All steps are given below.

  • Make sure your computer is connected to high speed internet. This method will fetch rooting files from the internet so if you have issues with your connection, this method won’t work for you.
  • Download KingoRoot from this link.
  • Install latest version of KingoRoot.
  • Go to Settings on your phone and enable USB Debugging mode.
  • Now run KingoRoot and connect your phone with your PC.
  • You should be able to see your phone in KingoRoot now. It might take some time to connect so be patient.
  • Find ‘Root’ on the next screen.
  • Now wiat for the program to run and complete the rooting process. Once it has completed, you should disconnect your phone from your PC and restart it.
  • Install a root verification app and test your phone for root status.
  • Congratulations! Your phone is now rooted. If not, follow the next method.

Method 2: How to root Huawei G Play Mini using Root Genius

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that the KingoRoot method doesn’t work for them. That’s the reason I’ve decided to include another method. I haven’t tested this on my Huawei G Play Mini firmware but I’m sure it would work.

  • You will need Root Genius to use this method. Let’s start by downloading rooting program from this link.
  • Enable USB debugging and connect your mobile with your computer, just the way you did in previous method.
  • The program will recognize your mobile phone as soon as you have connected it.
  • Once recognized, there will be a button with label ‘Root Now’. Click this button.
  • Now wait for the process to finish. Your phone is being rooted now.
  • It will take some time but once the process is complete, your phone should be rooted and it should show so in Huawei G Play Mini specifications.
  • You can verify root status by using a root-verification app. Alternatively, you can simply install your favorite app that requires root permission and see if that app runs fine. If your phone isn’t rooted, you will get a warning.

If this method also fails to root Huawei G Play Mini, then you’re probably out of luck. There isn’t a third method out there even on XDA forum. Maybe you’d want to try the first method again with a stable internet connection.


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