How to root LG G5

If you own LG’s new powerhouse smartphone G5, there is every reason to root it. Once it’s rooted, you can easily unleash it’s full power and enjoy apps that run only on rooted devices. Find out below how to root LG G5.

Caution – Proceed with care

Before you proceed with this procedure, it is important that you realize the troubles that lie ahead. A mistake could mean bricked phone. Similarly, rooting violates phone warranty.

What you need?

Traditionally, you need a PC to root your phone. You will need to install device drivers on your PC and then flash TWRP. Once your phone has custom recovery installed, you can easily root it using SuperSU. However, you don’t have to do any of this for this method.

how to root lg g5

This method teaches you how to root LG G5 without using a PC. You can root your phone by simply installing an application from Google Play store. Once you have this application installed on your phone, rest of the procedure will be really simple. You just need to follow directions as they appear on the screen of your phone.

Here is what you need to implement this method.

  • Fully charged LG G5 handset that you want to root.
  • Kingroot app from Google Play Store or download apk here.
  • Internet connection on your phone.

How to root LG G5 using Kingroot

This is an easy and fast method. It’s safer than other methods, especially the ones where you have to flash your phone with custom recovery. You don’t even need a PC to use this method. Follow this step by step guide on how to root LG G5.

  • Prepare your phone: This is a basic step where you charge your phone and enable USB debugging. You can’t root your device unless you have enabled debugging. You can go to Developer Options from Settings to access this particular setting.
  • Download and install Kingroot apk: Now download Kingroot app from Google Play Store and install it on your phone. Everything till now should be fairly simple.
  • Run Kingroot: Once you have installed Kingroot app, it’s time to run it. Go to your App Drawer and find Kingroot there. Touch it to run it.
  • Time to root your phone: When you run Kingroot, you should be able to see a screen with a big circle in the middle. Click this circle to start rooting process. If you need help, you click ‘help’. It answers all questions related to how to root LG G5.
  • Enjoy rooted phone: After you have clicked the big circle on Kingroot app, it should take a minute or so before you see a big green circle with a tick inside on the screen. This means that you have successfully rooted your phone.

Now reboot your phone and install a root checking app. It should tell you that your phone is now rooted. Now install any app you want.

NOTE: This method works for majority of users. However, we are not responsible if it doesn’t work for some. Please contact Kingroot for troubleshooting.




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