How to Show a Second Time Zone in Microsoft Outlook's Calendar – Best review and report

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When you work with people in another time zone, setting up meetings and scheduling work can be tricky. It’s all too easy to get the time wrong, but thankfully Outlook 2016 (and prior) lets you view two time zones at once in your calendar.

1. Click the File tab in Outlook then click Options.

outlook options2. Select Calendar in the left menu.

outlook options calendar

3. Scroll down to the Time zones section and label your current time zone if it doesn’t currently have a name.

outlook options label4. Check the “Show a second time zone” box.

5. Select the second time zone and give it a label.

outlook options second time zone6. Click OK.

When you’re done, you’ll see both time zones side by side in your calendar when you’re in either day, week, workweek, or schedule view.

outlook second time zone calendar

If you’d prefer to see the second time zone listed before your current one in the calendar, head back to the calendar settings and click the “Swap Time Zones” button. However, note that this will change the time shown in Windows system tray to your other time zone!

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