How to Sign Into Facebook and Twitter in Windows 10 – Best review and report

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One difference you’ll find if you’re switching from a Mac to a Windows 10 PC is that Microsoft’s operating system treats social media integration differently. Instead of logging into your services in System Preferences, you’re now required to download each network’s app from the Windows Store and sign in.

screenshot (178)

Aside from having native apps for Facebook and Twitter, the major perk of signing into these services through Windows is that it enables a much faster sharing of images and files online. Other apps may add integrated social sharing options in the future, so we advise you set this up now, to benefit later.

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Another reason to sign into Facebook and Twitter on a PC — one also found in OS X — is that you get desktop notifications from these networks once you’re signed in. If you’d rather not receive these alerts, you can disable them in Windows’ Settings app. Click on System, then Notifications & actions and turn the switch next to Twitter or Facebook off.

Now that you know why you’d want to turn this feature on, here’s how to sign into Facebook and Twitter through Windows 10.

How To Sign Into Facebook in Windows 10

1. Click the Start button to open the Start menu.

social 01

2. Click the Windows Store button.

social 02

3. Select the search field and type Facebook. social 03

4. Select Facebook.

social 04

5. Select Free to install the app.

social 05

6. Select Open.

social 06

7. Type in your Facebook account’s email address and password, and click Login.

social 07

8. Select Yes or No to sync (or not sync) your Facebook profile picture and cover photo as your Windows account photo and lock screen. I’ve selected No in the past, as my cover photos never scale 08

Your Facebook account is now logged into your Windows 10 PC!

screenshot (179)


Facebook will now show up as an option if you use the Share button in File Explorer.

social 09

How to Log Into Twitter in Windows 10

1. Type “Twitter” into the Windows Store search box. To open the Windows Store, follow steps 1 and 2 from the instructions above.

twitter 01

2. Select Twitter from the results.

twitter 02

3. Click Free to install.

twitter 03 2840961453927620

4. Select Open.

twitter 04

5. Select Log in.

twitter 05

6. Enter your twitter name and password, and click Log in.

twitter 06

You’re now logged into Twitter through Windows 10!
twitter 07

Twitter will also now appear as an option if you use Windows 10’s Share button.

screenshot (177)

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