How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 4 CDMA With Keys? – Best news Full report

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Are you searching for method to Take Screenshot on iPhone 4 CDMA? How to Capture Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Screen? How to Save Screen on Apple iPhone 4 CDMAHow to take screen picture on Apple iPhone 4 CDMAHow to record Screen on Apple iPhone 4 CDMAHow to take display screenshots on Apple iPhone 4 CDMA?

This small guide will teach you everything about taking screenshot on Apple iPhone 4 CDMA using hardware keys. Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Screen Capture is a simple process as you have to press keys in a specific combination. Just follow the given steps in mentioned sequence and get it take screenshot of any screen on your Apple iPhone 4 CDMA phone. Captured screens are saved in image format like JPG or PNG and can be edited, deleted or cropped as per your requirement.

STEP #1: Open the screen which you want capture on your iPhone 4 CDMA.

STEP #2: Simultaneously Press and Hold  Home + Power Button.

STEP #3: Screen will be captured with a Capture SOUND.

STEP #4: You can find captured screen shoots in Photos.


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