How to Turn the Dell XPS 13's 'Nosecam' Into a Webcam – Best review and report

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The Dell XPS 13 is our favorite laptop, but there’s one thing we can’t stand about it — the camera on the bottom-left of the bezel is perfect for taking pictures of your nostrils and chin.

Here’s what a shot from the camera looks like.

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There’s no setting in Windows 10 to fix this, but if you get a little creative (and have a lot of patience), you can make it work.

Method 1: Sit Farther Back

I’m 5-foot-9, which is about average for an American man. I simply moved my chair back two feet from the palm rest with the screen at a 90-degree angle and was able to get the camera aimed at my face, but the math may be different for your height. It’s a little awkward because I’m not used to my torso showing up during Skype calls, but it works and I don’t look like I’m visiting an ENT doctor.

win 20160209 15 53 07 pro

Method 2: Raise the Height

If you can’t move your face to the webcam, make the webcam come to you. I stacked 13-inches worth of boxes under the XPS 13 with the screen at a 90-degree angle and found that I was perfectly eye level. Depending on your height and how tall your desk and chair are, that measurement may be different. If you need to use the keyboard or trackpad this won’t be a good setup for you, as you’ll block the webcam. Additionally, be sure that your setup is sturdy; you don’t want your expensive laptop tumbling to its doom.

win 20160209 15 55 42 pro

Method 3: Buy an External Webcam

Just because your laptop comes with a webcam doesn’t mean that you have to use it. For between $30 and $75 you can get a decent external camera to put on a tripod or on top of your display. We like the $65 Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, because it captures sharp, 1080p images and only covers a tiny portion of the XPS 13’s screen. Be mindful of the tiny bezel when shopping.

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